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who is angela lyn?

After graduating cum laude from Columbia College Chicago, I knew I would land a job right away. The year was 2009 and no one was hiring. After six months of job hunting, I decided to pack my car and drive 11 hours to Atlanta, Georgia blasting Beyonce's I am...Sasha Fierce album the entire way. Wide-eyed and optimistic I took each challenge I faced as an opportunity to network and grow. I went from being a salesperson to curating events for brands like Gentleman Jack and Smirnoff. 



After a few years, my career began to plateau and I was bumping my head on a glass ceiling. While devising an exit strategy, I found out I was expecting a child. Although I didn't think I was ready for that responsibility, I heard my grandmother's voice say, "God will provide." Shortly after giving birth, I returned to Chicago and made the decision to enroll in DePaul's PRAD program and focus on integrating my transferable skills with public relations.


Ambition is threaded in my DNA. For decades, I witnessed the women in my family exceed their education and career goals, and now it's my turn. I choose to show up as my best self, rolling up my sleeves and getting the job done. I challenge my teams to think creatively, give themselves wholly and be a resource to those around them. As a maven of communication, I connect words and thoughts to tangible experiences.

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