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“I believe that the best learning process of any kind of craft is just to look at the work of others.” - Wole Soyinka


Chicago Fair Trade

Charitable organizations are always looking for new ways to attract donations and members. CFT wanted to understand what, if any, incentives would help to increase paid memberships to the organization. Our team conducted primary research through an online survey and analyzed secondary research to determine our recommendations and strategy. We found that incentivizing memberships with access to exclusive events and monetary gifts would have a positive effect on the intended target audience.  

Audubon Great Lakes

Audobon Great Lakes’ primary goal is to educate and increase awareness about empowering conservation efforts among a diverse population. Within this report, the current attitude towards wildlife conservation and environmental awareness within the Gen Z and Millennial demographics were explored. It was found that connecting with those from diverse backgrounds living in urban areas through email and digital marketing would be most effective.  


Copyright Case Study

Professionally created fan works of a movie may seem like a harmless ohmage, however, Axanar Production found itself in litigation with CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures film inspired by Star Trek. The argument between copyright infringement and fair use is explored within this case study. Similar cases and ethical implications are investigated while analyzing the factors of this case. 

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