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writing samples.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou



In 2020, Sephora launched a beauty campaign highlighting women of diverse cultures and ethnicities. After analyzing the campaign, the brand displayed authenticity when speaking to the target audience. By highlighting underserved communities in media, Sephora was able to increase their SOV and break into an otherwise untapped market.  


Amid the pandemic companies like Peloton needed to find innovative ways to create sustainable growth. Although the company offers a unique biking experience at home, Peloton had the opportunity to maximize profits with gyms shutting down by highlighting their workout subscription model sans bike. This media strategy outlines how effective use of celebrity-curated playlists along with social media and streaming ads is to engage its target audience.  

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Dixie Cup (Manifesto)

Consumer packaged goods can fall victim to oversaturation of products within their industry especially when competing with private labels. Dixie cups needed an integrated marketing plan that focused on functionality and emotion allowing them to stand out amongst the competition by creating value. Our team created a campaign that allowed coffee drinks to “Expresso” themselves through their cup. Combing classic artists and a classic brand like Dixie heightens the connection with our target consumer based on personality quiz results.  

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